Who we are

#agencyofthefuture – re-thinking corporate planning and transformation. We and our experts support and accompany you in the realignment, positioning, development and transformation of your company, your teams and your business model. Hands on. Practical implementation together with you. Now, before you run out of time.

For the world of tomorrow, companies need to be re-thought today. Together with you, we scrutinize the status quo and develop innovative solutions for sustainable corporate success.

Standard presentations, simple workshops and boring training sessions are a thing of the past. Highly qualified experts and MINDS are needed for demanding target groups, future-oriented topics, high expectations and the challenges of the future with regard to the new conditions and demands in the world of work and business.

At LEADING MINDS, we are progress makers, innovators, networkers and signposts, compasses and coordinators. Our products are expertise, enthusiasm, know-how & visions, combined with practical implementation. Our experts support you with their knowledge, inspire, encourage, motivate and enable you to become a designer yourself.

From know-how to do-how. That is our mission.

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We give leading experts from a wide range of industries a voice to present their vision, knowledge and enthusiasm for innovation in lectures, workshops, consultations and other formats.

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Inspiring MINDS

Our LEADING MINDS know trends and topics and convince through competence and charisma. Whether business, science, sports, culture or politics – in all areas, our experts, speakers & trainers work to transfer new insights to individual needs. No matter if you are a small team, a medium-sized company or a global corporation – LEADING MINDS accompanies you and thus initiates new thinking. This is how real progress and new perspectives emerge from knowledge and understanding.

Our LEADING MINDS are available to you as speakers, experts and presenters for conferences, congresses and events. We also provide coaches for workshops and trainings. From the inquiry to the booking process to the online marketing, you get everything from one source.

Wolfram Sauer Leading Minds

Wolfram Sauer

As a managing director, sidepreneur and lawyer, Wolfram Sauer brings not only a large network, but above all a lot of experience from business, public administration and social institutions. His passion is to bring people together, who complement, activate and encourage each other, thus allowing new ideas to emerge.

Oliver Stoldt

Oliver Stoldt

Oliver Stoldt stands for top-class speaker and event management, for international events and exclusively staffed conferences. He has built Premium Speakers into one of Europe’s leading speaker agencies. With his MICE Service Group he is also the leader in the D-A-CH area for the conception of events as well as the search and booking of conference hotels, meeting and conference locations.

From Know-How to Do-How

It’s not about us, it’s about you and the success of your employees – and thus the success of your company. Technical competence alone is no longer enough. Robots and machines are part of our everyday life and they are becoming more and more so. How prepared are you for the future? How do you create a successful future?

Our experts and MINDS support you in transforming your company into the new world of work. Not only theoretically, but practically. Whether it’s an impulse lecture followed by a workshop, holistic support during the project, a walk & talk at a special place of power, or setting up an advanced education and training program for your teams.

Future-oriented? Now.

The future has arrived. Change management and setting up new processes is no longer a measure, it’s a state – The “New Normal”. And New Work is more than home office, pinball machine, slide and an orb basket in the office. The new world of work is a reality and how do you deal with it? How do you lead international teams and what about intercultural management? How is the corporate culture changing? What does your lived error culture look like? How do you cope with Generation Y & Z? And how do you celebrate your success with the team?

Our MINDS connect the modern entrepreneurial world with your issues and support you in creating clear added value and growing trust through excellent results. Uncompromising quality for the success of your business. Creative solutions to complex issues and applying the right tools to problems and challenges. LEADING MINDS is happy to take you on a successful journey.